New Job (novo emprego)

After graduating from a Law degree, I was finding it difficult to obtain work and when I did so, I did not enjoy the job that I had found. During this period, I heard of Marcelo and his reputation for holiness and I decided to say his prayer card daily over a period of weeks asking for his intercession to help me to obtain a new job. I was particularly inspired by Marcelo’s life, as I am a Law graduate and it is my dream to be a lawyer. It was very moving to read how Marcelo tried to sanctify his work and to use his profession and talents to love others. I am delighted to say Marcelo heard my prayer and I obtained a new job which I am really enjoying. I definitely think Marcelo helped me, as I did not think I would be successful and I am really happy now that I have started. S.H | Ireland 25 07 2021