Helped me find my chosen vocation

I am E. B., a Seminarian from the Philippines. I am a new devotee of the Servant of God, Marcelo Camara since last year. He helped me and interceded for me; Also, he is the one who helped me find my chosen vocation, the gift of Priesthood. Because of what he had done for me, I want to promote him here in our place and the seminary. I was really inspired by his holiness and simplicity. With humbleness and simplicity, Can I request relic cards of the Servant of God Marcelo Camara? If it is alright with you. I promise you that I will persevere to promote him here and to bring it and give holy cards especially to the Sick, the Poor, and the Dying. Lastly, I promise you my sincere prayers for you and your community. Thank you and God bless you always! May Christ and His Most Holy Mother be with you always. Respectfully yours in Christ, E. B. 17 02 2021